Tell the Obama administration to defend U.S. airlines and airline jobs by denying NAI’s dangerous application to fly into the United States.

Tell the Obama Administration to defend U.S. airlines and airline jobs by denying NAI’s dangerous application to fly into the United States.

A decision to oppose Norwegian Air Shuttle’s application to fly in and out of the United States should be a no brainer for the White House. U.S. jobs and the future of the U.S. aviation industry are at stake. U.S. pilots, and the millions of American air travelers whose lives are in their hands, are watching this closely. They are expecting a decision that chooses U.S. carriers and pilots over sketchy foreign competitors.

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Do not allow a harmful precedent that would undermine US labor and safety rules.

A Norwegian company called Norwegian Air International (NAI), which plans to have its principal operations in Oslo, Norway, is trying to register to operate as an Irish airline. NAI does not plan to operate flights from Ireland. Its pilots are contracted through a Singapore employment company. NAI does not operate in Singapore.

If that sounds odd, that’s because it is. NAI is scheming to fly into the United States and avoid regulatory oversight and labor accountability so it can lower costs to a point at which U.S. air carriers will be unable to compete, ensuring the company profits at the expense of American jobs.

If it succeeds, NAI’s business practices pose a serious threat to tens of thousands of U.S. airline jobs– and to our recovering economy as a whole. It doesn’t feel right, and it just isn’t fair to hardworking Americans who play by the rules.

Join with the AFL-CIO, the European Cockpit Association and America’s major airlines to demand that the Department of Transportation stand up for U.S. jobs by denying Norwegian Air International’s application for a Foreign Air Carrier permit.

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To: Department of Transportation

Norwegian Air International is applying to fly into the U.S. using an anti-competitive business model. They are hoping to compete with America’s air carriers on our turf while evading fair regulation and labor accountability.

There’s nothing wrong with healthy competition – but there’s nothing healthy about the tactics Norwegian Air International plans to use to undercut US companies. If their application goes through there will be nothing healthy about the loss of US jobs that will follow.

Business practices like NAI’s are harmful to American jobs in the best of times. When our economy is struggling to recover after years of recession, they could be devastating. Protect tens of thousands of hardworking Americans by denying NAI’s application for a Foreign Air Carrier permit.

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